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Automate your Reddit & Twitter Accounts

All-In-One Solution For Growth on Twitter & Reddit

Start conversations when someone expresses a need is the best way to get replies and increase the rate of Growth. Engage with leads, personalize Direct Messages.
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Add a New Sales Funnel for
Your Business, Brand, Organization, Blog, Podcast or Newsletter...

Makezu is made for
Business Owners
Aspiring Influencers
Crypto Traders

Campaigns To Engage with Customers as soon as they express a need.
Use Twitter, Reddit for your Business Goals & Marketing strategy.

For Marketers
For Business Owner
For Bloggers
For Freelancers
For Crypto Traders

Smart tool to create & schedule content to promote your products or services.

For Marketers
For Bloggers
Aspiring Influencers
For Crypto Traders
For Business Owners

Human behaviour mimics for smarter automation to keep your social account active.

For Marketers
For Business Owner
Aspiring Influencers
For Bloggers
For Freelancers
For Crypto Traders
50% of technology companies have acquired a customer through Twitter and Reddit
while 74% of people follow businesses on Twitter to get product updates.

The potential to drive digital sales using Twitter and Reddit is immense, and something that you can very easily tap into.

All-in-one Reddit & Twitter Marketing Solution

From 1 social account Owner to multiple social accounts Managers & Agencies, Makezu solves every social outreach automation prospection challenge.
Simple & powerful

Automate your Twitter Prospection for your Business.
Find Potential Customers & Send Personalize Direct Messages at Scale.

Increase your click & reply rates by chatting with every potential customer on a 1-on-1 level.
Set up a campaign to reach out people by need.
Write custom messages & call-to-actions.
Launch your campaign.

Automate Follow-Up: Tweet-Talking & Reddit-Talking to Your Prospects

Nurture your relationships.
Launch Direct Message sequences, send follow-up when a potential customer clicks on your links, and generate more real opportunities for your business.
Set up a DM sequence to reach out your audience.
Define the number of steps & call-to-actions.
Set up the behaviors when someone clicks on your link
Launch your DM sequence.
Grow on Twitter

Keep your Twitter Account Always Active on Autopilot to Get More Followers Faster & Attract More Leads.

Increase your Followers number, engagement rates & impressions by using Makezu automation features.
Set up automation to post your RSS feeds
Retweet the best tweets related to your business
Write custom welcome messages for new followers
Follow Followers of your competitors accounts.
"The data says that the more tweets an account has, the more followers they’re likely to have."

“Make a better twitter account for your bussiness, bring new clients!”

"Makezu gives you a variety of options to make your business twitter account to look more attractive and professional by giving you many tools like setting automatic tweets, automated answers, etc. Also shows you how to get more engagement through guides and instructions easy to understand and to execute."
Design, Self-employed

“Great tool, impressive support”

"Support very close to user -
Open to integrate new functions by client request - Great staff."
Iván L.
Marketing Specialist, Biotechnology

Use your Twitter Account as a New Sales Channel for Your Business, Brand, Organization, Blog, Podcast or Newsletter...

“The most powerful tool for Twitter automation that I have ever used . The possibilities for lead gen, automated outreach and following is huge.
Great app!”

Luke V., Dealify

“Really impress by the easy-to-use aspect of this application. I am a freelance developer, Makezu, allows me to contact people on Twitter that are indeed in search of my skills.”

Lucas Hutegao, Freelance Dev

“It takes a bit to find out how to set up, but then it really rocks, great platform for Twitter outreach and growth.”

Mohamad J., Dealify

“I just used Makezu for WILLA's Twitter account to publish automatic articles campaigns, and it was very useful. Thanks to the IA, specially intelligent hashtag more women were engaged and had followed our account.”

Sarah, Social Media Manager

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“They talk about us”

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

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Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
Is there a trial period?

Yes, we think it is important to have the opportunity to try before adopting a new service like Makezu.

That's why when you sign in, you will have access to a 14-day free trial to construct, publish and manage your own campaigns, and use the automated articles post, as well.

No credit card required.

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a set up including :
* Keywords to define what kind of product or service you're willing to promote.
This step is crucial to help our algorithms to target the right audience for you.

* Several commercial personalized propositions to set up a template that will be sent to each of your targets.

Can I edit a template while running a campaign?

You're free to improve your template at any time.
For this, you can edit a saved template, or create a brand new one.

Select your new template from your campaign tab, and validate, the change will be updated immediately.

How many articles can be posted a day?

You may choose to post up to 11 articles per hour. Our feature is flexible, the choice is up to you.

Do I have to launch a campaign through Makezu to be able to use these automation features?

Once you are subscribed to our plan, you are in control of what features you would like to employ. Therefore, no you do not necessarily need to launch a campaign to make use out of the automation properties.

Do I need a credit cart to start with the free plan?

As soon as you sign in, you'll be able to launch one campaign.
No credit card is required at this stage.