Create Follow-Up sequences to nurture your Followers & Prospects.

Take the chance to get more responses by sending custom & automated Follow-Up sequences.
Follow-Up sequences help you build lasting quality connections with your Followers.

Create Direct Message sequences to serve your Growth Strategy.

Automate Twitter direct messages and massively reach your followers.
Whether you're launching a product, hosting an event, or needing to raise awareness, you might want to reach out to people one by one. It's super efficient and it's something you don't want to do manually.
The Makezu DM Campaign feature is designed to save you time and increase your response rate.

Create outreach campaigns and send custom follow-up via direct messages:
add multiple steps, set up daily delays between each.
More DM equals a better chance of getting more responses.
Precise the option to stop your sequence

Stop sending Direct Messages when Leads Click on your link

  • When your Lead clicks on one of your links, you can stop your sequence automatically,
    or send a specific Direct Message.
Define the behavior of your Outreach strategy.

Real Time Results

You can consult your campaigns' results and see who has clicked on your links.

Better Understand your Prospects based on their behavior.

Successful Twitter marketing relies innovative growth tactics.

  • Get Real & Loyal Followers can be tough,
  • Engaging your Followers with fresh content is time consuming
  • and convince quality leads to take action.
“Absolutely impressed with the value here. It’s a great one and fills the gaps through targeting a need, specific moments, or individuals - highly recommend it.”
Sarah V.