Schedule threads on Twitter like a Pro!

Twitter threads is the ultimate way to gain attention and generate higher reach & engagement

Twitter threads

Create & schedule a week or a month's content at once and have them drip out over time.

Captivate audience

Give a Glimpse of your story & pace your drip

Promote your activity

Automate a Follow-Up to promote your activity each time your threads get popular to increase your sales.
Entertain your audience with threads, best way to get new followers
New on Twitter

Schedule creative threads setup in minutes!

New on Twitter or you need to take your Twitter Marketing strategy to the new step?
The best and easiest way : create threads
A Twitter thread will get better performance than a tweet with a link!
The reason threads come in handy and perform better is because you’re able to easily connect multiple tweets that are part of a sequence.
And yes, a thread keeps all the tweets on the topic together, which makes it easier for your followers to find, and read.
A Twitter thread gets up to 54% more engagements
Use Twitter threads to Gain attention!
Create eye-catching threads and tweets with auto-generated quotes.
Lack of content ideas, Makezu AI has you covered, try the auto-generation content for threads.

"The data says that the more tweets an account has, the more followers they’re likely to have."

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Tweet like a Pro.

The life of a tweet is short, of course.
This means that if your tweets haven't generated engagement (likes, clicks, retweets) within the first 30 minutes of your post, your tweet is lost and forgotten.
This is one of the reasons smart marketers use planning tools.
With threads, you have the ability to multiply the chances of generating engagement by as many tweets as your thread contains.
And you can add tweets to a thread over time, allowing you to reach people who weren't on Twitter when you originally tweeted and notify anyone already engaged with your content.
This is easy to do it with Follow-Up automation!
Entertain your audience with threads, best way to get new followers
Some of our customers get an awesome engagement rate.
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5 min
Average time spend to set automations for a Twitter account.