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Frequently asked questions.

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Is there a trial period?


Yes, we think it is important to have the opportunity to try before adopting a new service like Makezu.

That's why when you sign in, you will have access to a 14-day free trial to construct, publish and manage your own campaigns, and use the automated articles post, as well.
No credit card required.

What is a campaign?


A campaign is a set up including :
* Keywords to define what kind of product or service you're willing to promote.
This step is crucial to help our algorithms to target the right audience for you.

* Several commercial personalized propositions to set up a template that will be sent to each of your targets.

Can I edit a template while running a campaign?


You're free to improve your template at any time.
For this, you can edit a saved template, or create a brand new one.

Select your new template from your campaign tab, and validate, the change will be updated immediately.

What is the pricing model?


You have total control over your budget,  you will be charged each month of the amount of your plan.
You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Do I need a credit cart to start with the free plan?


As soon as you sign in, you'll be able to launch one campaign.
No credit card is required at this stage.

When your campaign is set up just click on the "launch now" button, that's it.

Can I modify the parameters of my campaign once it has been launched?


No, you can’t.
You can only change the mode of campaign from manual to automated or vice versa, and you can change your Twitter account.

But no worry, we got a tips for you ! You can interrupt your current campaign and create a new one. You can use the same template, and change all parameters. Then, you can relaunch your campaign  

When I pause my campaign, how long do I have to wait before launching it again?


You're free to stop and relaunch anytime you wish.

Be aware that Makezu has plugged in an anti-spam criterion to avoid disturbing more than once any Twitter user who may share the same need several times. It doesn't matter if your campaign has been paused or not.

Can I switch from an already synced Twitter account to another after I launch my campaign?


Yes, you can. 
Select your Twitter account from the list of your Twitter accounts already synced with Makezu.
You may have to pause and relaunch your automation or campaign.
Although, make sure your new account is still related to your business!

Do you advise to start by a small campaign before launching a big one?  


If you are a small business and don't have a very elaborate marketing strategy, it can indeed be very useful!

Create your first campaign with the best keywords and template you could.
In a while, check your results, especially the total number of clicks you've gained. If you are satisfied, it is time to launch it on a larger scale!

Can I manage my campaigns from my smartphone?   


Unfortunately, not yet.

How many clicks can you expect for a campaign?


The number of clicks you gained is depending on the quality of your template, but also the way you've set-up your keywords.
And last, on your product or service's demand.

We see that the average click rate per tweet is around 12%. However, we have already seen some users' campaigns with rates above 35%, which is huge compared to any other ad operator.

How much time should I spend on the creation of my campaign?


A campaign can be set-up in only 10 minutes. But don’t hesitate to take as much time as you need to be sure that your template and other parameters perfectly reflect your message, your offer, and the philosophy of your business.

You can join us in the chat section to ask us anything while you are creating your campaign.

Do I necessarily have to synchronize my Twitter account when I first land on the app?


But no worry, it is just a first synchronization and you can change your account at any time you want. In fact, we need your authorization Twitter account to save your campaigns in our app.

More specifically, your Twitter account is used to give you the number of potential customers we could contact from your account, and this step is crucial for your experience.

How can I contact my potential customers after Makezu has sent them a message on my behalf?


You can do it directly from your Twitter account. And you can definitely use our DMs campaign features, follow up messages or tweets within the app for this purpose.
Makezu is designed to use Twitter for Business purposes and Lead generation.

Can I delete a tweet once it has been sent by Makezu?


Yes, you can, if your tweet is not a Direct message!
Just go on the history tab if you have created this former tweet with Makezu and if not, you can login on Twitter and delete it as you would do with a usual tweet.

When a user answers to a tweet that was sent by the Makezu algorithm, is it better to answer or not?
Where do I have to do so?


If his answer is another question, you’d better answer to this potential customer to give him more information.

For now, Makezu doesn’t include a plug-in that would let you answer them directly within the app. You're free to continue your conversation from your own Twitter account.  

How can I know if my campaign worked well?


You can see it directly on our app. Usually, a great Makezu campaign is a campaign where the rate of clicks by tweet is above 20%. This number has to be related to the type of business that you have. Don’t be afraid if it does not match this score.

If you are not satisfied, you can try to improve your template (see next question), or change the parameters. If you want to change your parameters, you’ll have to launch a new campaign following the model of your current campaign but with changed parameters.

How can I know whether a template is efficient or not?


You can see how many clicks each one of your post has received from Campaigns tab.
The number of replies is also a good indicator.

However, if you see that some templates receive much more clicks than others, you can set different variations of sentences that will help you see what kind of template is the best for your campaign.

What is the right number of keywords?


A big number of keywords, which means more than 3 keywords, does not always mean improving the quality of your campaign. 
Our algorithm needs keywords to make research of potential customer on Twitter. Be aware that the algorithm make his researches according to each keywords separately. For instance, if you are a web development app, don’t separate 'web' and 'development' !
Also, the algorithm can rearrange the order of the words when they are included in the same keyword.

So you can write up to 5 different keywords, but think about the fact that each research is made for one keyword, independantly of other keywords. Don’t add a keyword thinking that it will always improve the accuracy of your targetting.

How can I improve my keywords?


The key for a great selection of keywords is to choose between one and five keywords that will perfectly reflect the type of need you can answer. To do so, you can't be too vague, nor too narrow. The tough thing is to find a good balance.

To be more explicit, here is an example of how you should think as you're creating a campaign.
Let's say that you are running a web agency and want to sell your services of web design, creation of websites, and web app creation.
You could choose among the following keywords : web developper / web development / web designer / web app.
You could think about choosing all of them, because you can choose up to five keywords. But it would be inefficient and too long! So in your case, you have to choose only the keyword ‘web designer’ (you could also include 'web design’).  

Actually, think about the fact that the keywords need to be in the tweets of people looking for what you can provide. If you don’t want to sell services of web development in general, don’t write web development.
* Don’t be too vague, for instance if you choose the keyword ‘web developper’, the Makezu algorithm will send a tweet comment to any person tweeting that she needs a web developper, not precisely doing web design.
* Don’t be too accurate. For instance if you choose the keyword ‘html coding’, you would only find people looking precisely for a developper coding in html, but maybe not a web designer.

When should we choose the interaction with an audience rather than the targeting of a product  need? 


It depends on the product you want to promote or sell. If you think people are likely to post tweets in which they express a need related to your offer, hit "target a need".
For instance, if you sell laptops, you will find many tweets like this one: ‘I need advice to find my next laptop’. In that case, Makezu app will target all these users and promote your offer to them. 

You may also wish to interact with an engaged community on topics related to your business. For example, let's say you're launching a new video game, you want to interact with a community of gamers, select the "awareness" option and set up your campaign around keywords such as gaming, gamer, or specific video game names.
Makezu will target this entire community and promote your offer to them. Think about the fact that a very large community doesn't mean a more effective campaign. The key is to target the community with the most appropriate keywords!

How does the choice between direct messages or comments impact the efficiency of my campaign?  


You may also wish to interact with an engaged community on topics related to your business. For example, let's say you're launching a new video game, you want to interact with a community of gamers, select the "awareness" option and set up your campaign around keywords such as gaming, gamer, or specific video game names.
Makezu will target this entire community and promote your offer to them. Think about the fact that a very large community doesn't mean a more effective campaign. The key is to target the community with the most appropriate keywords!

What is the ideal amount of keywords for a "Community by interest" campaign?


Targeting discussions by interest is more flexible on the use of keywords.
Choose as many keywords as you need to qualify your areas of interest or topics of discussion.
Be aware that each keyword will be used independently by our algorithm. If you want to target a particular expression, write it in the same field with brackets, like this "(digital transformation)". To target an audience, think about the type of words that could be used by your targeted community, which is rarely the exact word you would use to qualify this community.

For example, if you are targeting the mother community, the keywords "mum" or "mother" are not the most effective. You are more likely to detect them with the keywords "my child" or "my kid". It is crucial to take a step back at this stage to make your campaign as effective as possible.

What is the ideal amount of keywords for a "target need" campaign?


It depends on your campaign. 🧐
If your product or service can be described by a simple word, a single keyword is sufficient.
For example, if you repair laptops, you just want to find people who have a computer problem and are looking to get it fixed. In this case, only "laptop" is needed to target your potential customers.
But if you offer a product or service that is more complex to define, you can use different words to qualify it.
Be aware that each keyword will be used independently by our algorithm. If you want to have two words in the same search, you have to write them in the same keyword by adding parenthesis. For example, don't separate the words "web" and "development" if you want to sell "(web development)" services.

Finally, try to use keywords that target your offer with the same level of precision. For example, if you sell software, take into account that the name of a software product targets a very specific audience while the word "software" is very vague. If you use keywords with different levels of precision, you will have to write a template adapted to each type of tweet reached. 

In addition, the different types of spelling of keywords (plural, feminine ...) are taken into account by our algorithm, use the singular for your keywords.

Can I still use my Twitter account while I am running a campaign?


Definitely! In fact, Makezu doesn’t change anything to your Twitter account except that it will post some Tweets or Direct messages on your behalf. You can be connected to your account, post some tweets, reply to Tweets and send messages, whenever you want. Also, as soon as you stop your Makezu campaign, our algorithm will stop posting for you and we won’t do anything more with your data.