The Future of Digital Marketing

By 2021 companies are expected to be spending $57 billion on AI platforms.

AI Marketing is the process of using customer data to anticipate your customer’s next move and act upon it. Nowadays, customers have very high expectations, and that is why the AI tool is essential to include in a marketer’s strategy, helping one serve the most relevant content by transforming the way marketers learn more about their users and automating personalized content accordingly.

How does AI work?

AI works by combining large amounts of data, the software automatically tracks and learns from patterns in the data, eventually leading to performing human-like tasks. AI in Marketing can be used to identify potential clients, deliver the most ideal content, and make you a better marketing decision-maker. Below listed are 5 ways Intelligent Marketers use Artificial Intelligence.

AI allows you to build customer personas based on data points

Personas can be created for your business and for your competitor to help you understand your user’s motivation. Marketers are able to enter the brain of their consumers and reveal the reasoning behind quantitative measures.

Automated Image recognition

This is a computer vision technique that allows machines to interpret and categorize what they see in images or videos. This highly generalizable functionality can allow a user to enhance visual search, automate photo and video tagging, create interactive marketing techniques, and create user-generated content.

AI-Powered 24 hour customer service

AI-based customer service is a computer program that simulates human-like conversation, are able to understand your user’s intention, and responds accordingly. With this function, you will be able to get greater control, solve problems faster, be available 24/7, and achieve more customized interactions.

Audience Segmentation

AI analyzes customer data to create more targeted segments and can automatically adjust campaigns to be more personalized for each segment. AI-based segmentation includes attributes such as psychological drivers, personal values, online and offline time, demographics, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral. This plays a huge role overall in deciding on a target market and overall campaign success.

Content creation

AI will allow you to make predictions about what to write about, what keywords to use, and when to publish. It could even write the actual content for you, along with handling the process of curation and distribution. Automating content creation is now an option.

So why not use AI to improve the relationship between you and your customers?

Next, I will be sharing some of the top AI platforms used by marketers and how you can use them to leverage your product.


Reema at Makezu

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