How to make money on Twitter: 4 step process with examples

Most people are just on Twitter to hang out and have fun. With that being said, there are a lot of people making money online with Twitter. How is this possible? They made it possible by following a few easy steps.

Twitter has become a top-rated social network. There are more than 300 million active users and more than 500 million Tweets sent per day.

On Alexa, it is ranked 56 in the top-visited websites worldwide; as a result, Twitter is becoming the place to be online today. And because it is so easy to use, there is no wonder strangers, friends, and businessmen join Twitter every minute.

So, if you want to know how to make money on Twitter like thousands of other people are doing now, keep reading the entire blog because it is exactly what you need!!!

Twitter can be a powerful tool in boosting your blog, brand, or business at times, even being an untapped opportunity for you. We will talk about how you can make money on Twitter, whatever your business is, by following four simple steps.

So, let's start with the first step.

Step 1: Finding your target niche on Twitter.

Whether you're looking to make money on Twitter or you want to grow your business, one thing is for sure: you need a niche. However, if you're anything like me, trying to find a niche is complex, and if you do not decide on one, it's challenging to be successful.

I also talk more about finding your niche in one of my previous articles.

You can choose anything you like, but it's also essential to choose something you enjoy and have a lot of information about .for instance you have a lot of knowledge about marketing. Therefore, you can use this knowledge to make money on Twitter.

Let's see examples of Twitter users in their niche!

This Twitter user has his niche in No-code

Victor is all about UX/UI tips.

Daniel Murray is all about marketing.

Step 2: Make a top-notch Twitter profile.

Once you have decided on your niche, it is necessary to have a good profile

Did you notice that the profile I shared in Step 1 had a beautifully made profile?

Most of the profitable publishers/users on Twitter have a pretty good-looking account, and that's why they are making money with Twitter. And if you want to make big money on Twitter, you need to have a beautiful account.

You never know your Twitter profile can be the reason you start,

There are so many profiles on Twitter that do not even have a profile picture; therefore, you stand out among everyone just by having a good profile.

  • Having a profile picture and a cover image
  • A well-written bio telling exactly what you are all about
  • Including a link to your landing page

Let's see some examples now.

Bram's profile tells a lot about no-code MVP, and he also has a good profile picture.

Amanda knows about marketing & content.

"Use Twitter for your Business, for Growth, Awareness and Bold Marketing."

Step 3: Start gaining twitter followers.

So, you have a niche you like, plus you have a great profile.

Now before you start selling something on Twitter, you need to start giving value first since Twitter is value-driven, and this will also help you build trust in the long run and how is that possible.

It's straightforward you need to start creating value-driven tweets.

if you want to learn how to write tweets you can click here to see one of my blogs where I exactly tell you what things to tweet in your 280 characters if you are just starting out or even if you're experienced on Twitter and are looking for new ideas to tweet

in short

  • Start creating tweet threads that are nothing but long pieces of text broken down into small pieces.
  • Engage with Twitter users in your niche, and how can you proceed with that? You can start using quote tweets, participate in discussions.
  • You need to keep your Twitter account active by posting at least ten tweets in a week helping you imporve your tweet impressions, twitter profile views.

Let us see an example!

Ross Simmonds is a CEO of an agency, and he writes excellent content about marketing. Below is an example of content which is a tweet thread.

And his follower count is 34.2K, and he gets a majority chunk of his traffic to his website from Twitter.

There is also a question I get asked often.

How many followers do you need to make money on Twitter?

One thing to understand is that the more followers you have, the better since

  • It shows social proof for any new follower who thinks of following you.
  • You can launch a product with a big audience, in your case twitter then it is likely that your product will succeed.
  • Your audience trusts in you to provide value.

Now that most of the basics are set up in the next section, I will show you different ways you can go ahead and make money.

Step 4: Ways to make money on Twitter.

Get paid on Twitter to create sponsored tweets and become an influencer!

Once you have many followers engaged with your tweets, you can earn money by just sending out tweets.

You might notice brands reaching out to you, or even you can reach out to any brand you like.

Let us see an example.

Create a course/eBook and sell it on Twitter.

An exciting way to make money once you have valuable knowledge about a particular topic is to create a product that teaches something.

Let us see an example now where a user sells a course on gumroad

Send traffic to your own website.

Now there are multiple ways to do this.

Make a tweet thread and add a call to action at the end of your tweet.

Observe how Ross makes people curious from his threads and then redirects them to his agency blog.

"Start making Business with your Twitter Account."

Monetizing Twitter by putting a promotion in your bio, cover image.

As soon as someone visits your profile, they look at your cover image, bio which tells everything about your Twitter profile, and it's the best place to a link to which you want to send traffic.

Let's observe Ross Simonds's profile once.

He has a bio that tells everything about him and has multiple calls to actions on his profile, such as a link to his agency website.

I wonder why he doesn't use his imply more information on his cover image to create curiosity.

Join an affiliate network/program.

What if you do not own a website exactly? This is where affiliate marketing programs can come to your help to earn some money while you promote other's products, and you earn a percentage out of it.

You can create tweets and get paid to post links or even put an affiliate link to it in your bio or provide subtle info about it on your cover image.

Let's see how Mike is promoting an affiliate.

Run Twitter giveaways

If you think the name giveaway sounds like it will not help you with making money

Well, it can help you

when you promote a giveaway on Twitter, you can use a twitter giveaway bot or tool such as gleam to run giveaways, and you generate a link that you can add to your contest tweet

The best thing about giveaways is that the giveaway tool will also help you promote due it verified tasks such as sharing on Twitter(promote tweets), joining the email, etc. which a user will have to complete through which you can make more sales

For example, this a contest which you are running

Use Twitter media studio to place Twitter Ads.

Did you know that once you reach the Twitter ads eligibility of 2000 followers, you can use this tool from Twitter called media studio?

Where you can opt in to place specific twitter ad campaigns in your account, thus helping you generate money as you tweet your way

This tool will help you put video ads sponsors right under your specific tweets so that you can earn money directly from Twitter.

Below is a Twitter advertising example

Send cold direct messages on Twitter depending on upon niche.

Yes, you heard it right!

You might have heard cold emails where you get a dataset of email through scraping from the internet then set up a copywriting to create the perfect email sequence which people can open and respond to

But nowadays, it's becoming more difficult than ever to find emails first of all, and according to reports, the open rates of those emails are now less than 1-2%, from which only 0.2% convert to paid customers.

The solution to this is to use untapped areas on the internet, and this is where Twitter direct messages come into the picture.

After getting to know many ways, I get this question also.

"Use Twitter for Hack tactics like a Pro."

How much can you earn from Twitter?

In my opinion,

  • If you have a good niche, especially if there is not much competition,
  • You're constantly providing value on Twitter.
  • Improvising on your Twitter account value
  • You sell something which solves a problem in that niche.
  • You keep learning from your Twitter followers about what they like and what they don't.

If you follow these steps only, then the sky is the limit for you to earn money.

Need an easy way to make money tweeting?

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How to make money on Twitter: 4 step process with examples

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