How to get freelance work effectively by being on Twitter

So, you are your own boss now.

Being your own boss is an extraordinary situation as you are free to work for whomever you want. Also, you can control the situation. Still, sometimes it can be a tad bit scary since freelancers are very autonomous most of the time usually.

Freelancers totally take care of starting their freelance business start-up while managing relationships with different clients, and not to forget the importance of being updated on various trends in their field is also crucial for them.

I hope you like the freedom of starting a freelance business.

Freedom is incredible because, as freelancers, you decide when you want to work; therefore, you can allot the rest of the extra time with your friends, families, or additional activities.

After starting a freelance business, you are in control of your time, and your income is unlimited.

Constantly freelancers will need to make crucial decisions for their goals to remain focused. Which allows them to have their schedule properly sorted, creativity to the point, and last but not least, have control over their income.

So how do you find work?

Do you use Fiverr, Upwork, like everyone, or even LinkedIn?

There are so many websites to work as a freelancer, such as the above when someone thinks of "how to get first project on freelancer, Fiverr, etc.." since they are a straightforward approach for marketing your freelance skills. Also, you can find jobs in several categories.

But in the next section

I will tell why freelancers should not use Fiverr, Upwork, or Linkedin

On these websites, you will have to use them in a very intelligent and strategic manner, from talking to my friends who are freelancers or talking to people who are trying to start out. I have heard from many freelancers that they got angry and frustrated since the process of finding work on these websites was not really going anywhere for at least 5-6 months.

If you are just starting out to find freelance jobs/clients nowadays, supposedly, these websites have reached a saturation point, and the quality of work you can find on these platforms would not be up to the mark.

For instance, you would be competing or standing in the same lane with many other freelancers just for a small piece of work. In contrast, this time could be spent on your work or other responsibilities such as skilling up, managing your schedule, managing your resources, operations which are very fundamental to a freelance business.

Even Linkedin being a go-to platform for people who are searching for work day by day, is getting overpopulated by freelancers promoting their services to anyone, which could be a business, employee, etc.

So how would you stand out as a freelancer to find clients?

An alternative to these freelance work sites is to use Twitter.

So, you might be wondering it's just another way on how to market yourself with social media or how to market on Twitter, but no, I am going with straight facts first and then some logical reasons.

Some impressive statistics and facts about Twitter for freelancers

Twitter is the third most prominent social media tool globally, so you shouldn't worry about users' volume as a lot of users are being added. Their growth rate is around 2.4% in 2021 and an increase of 27 percent from 2020.

Regarding money matters, there are around 187 million monetizable daily active users, and their actual advertising audience as of Q3 2020 is about 350 million

As of 2021, there are 192 million active users on Twitter, and this is important if we think of trying to use a different channel for marketing your freelance services

Twitter is also popular in the field of B2B(Business to Business) Marketing. As of 2018, 67% of B2B use Twitter in their digital marketing strategy. Thus, we know that social media can be utilized to build relationships with users from these facts.

Nowadays, it is expected for brands to provide support to customers through Twitter. When these brands are also tweeting constantly, it creates a better branding impression for those who follow these brands and later improves their engagement and impressions for their Twitter account.

Very few businesses use it for finding business opportunities.

Where these businesses lack is actually using their social media to find or generate leads for their business which can help them standout.

Start Using Twitter for Business Growth, Save you time and Take Advantage of Makezu's features to enhance your Growth tactics.

This is an opportunity for freelancers.

So, looking at facts and how B2B business not using Twitter as a lead generation tool, freelancers can tap into this golden opportunity to involve a Twitter marketing strategy in when trying to promote their freelancing services, it is not necessary that it has to B2B, B2C(Business to Customer) relationships can also prosper on Twitter.

You can get the user's attention.

We are surrounded in a world where different platforms are trying to grab our attention; these can range from various social media platforms, Television, Media to interacting with humans.

According to recent research, the average attention span of a human is now less than a [fish]( to some research%2C the,of the goldfish with nine.&text=In 2015%2C the consumer insight,statistic of our shrivelled skill.). Thus when you try to capture someone's interest on a platform where they are no used to it, what will happen is that you can stand out against all other freelancers who try to utilize websites mainly made for just freelancers where you aren't able to stand out as described in the second section of this blog

And keep in mind all this is without paying for any twitter ads or promotional tweets.

How you could use Twitter for some examples of freelance jobs

For instance, if some one searches for "freelance accounting jobs remote."

Let us see what happens when we search for the term accountant on Twitter.

Just in the last seven days, there as these many people you could be looking for accounting services, and you as a freelancer could reach out to them.

Let us look at another instance for "freelance blog writing jobs"'.

If you are looking on how to find work as a "freelance graphic designer"

Similarly, we can also take an instance of people who want to know how to get started in freelance digital marketing he/she could go for a search query "freelance marketing jobs remote."

So, from all these instances, you can look at the number of opportunities available for freelancers.

But how can finding these opportunities can be made easy for freelancers?

Makezu can help freelancers with this.

Now you would be wondering that there are so many factors involved, such as not having a strong enough presence on Twitter or how to get started using Twitter, do not worry; we have some tools for that also.

Makezu comes with three main features at this moment (more coming soon, so stay tuned), which are automations, campaigns, and schedule threads. All work with our AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology. When you combine all of them while having an outstanding Twitter profile, you will have a two-way benefit. First, you can grow and drive traffic to your twitter account. Another is to find hidden audiences who need your freelance services.

You would be questioning what to say on Twitter to get more followers.

Here the automations feature will help you schedule tweets by auto-posting the newest articles from renowned news sources based on your preferences.

Also, you will be able to like, retweet based on your preferences, or even welcome your users who will follow you on Twitter by sending them a personalized direct message, and this will answer your questions when you think of how to get more engagement on Twitter.

Through the schedule threads feature, you will be able to tell a story to users, or if you share a blog talking about your freelance journey, this is also a superb way to improving your brand awareness on Twitter.

All in all, helping you improve your personal brand as a freelancer and setting up these automations in just 5 -7 minutes, saving you a lot of time.

Let us take an example. I am a website designer, and I want to grow on Twitter makezu can automatically start posting articles from my topics such as new website design, web designing projects, or any topic around your particular interest.

How about marketing your freelance services on Twitter?

The feature-named campaigns will help you in discovering hidden audiences for selling your services. There are three main ways of targeting currently available you can target a need, build a community, target a particular life moment. When a specific user would express a need for service, makezu on your behalf will send a personalized message in an automated or manual manner or even create a follow-up sequence and launch your campaign at that moment or later.

The main benefit is that these messages have a high click-through rate of around 30%, saves your time, the leads are highly qualified because of our AI.

Let us take an instance. I am into WordPress development, and I am looking for WordPress freelance jobs or getting freelance web design work. First, I would choose to "target a need" and later enter some keywords that would be relevant for me, such as WordPress site, WordPress development, etc. Next, Choose Gender, Language according to my requirements, then choose a template for your message and decide if I want to launch my campaign now or later.

How to get freelance work effectively by being on Twitter

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