How Innovative AI Technology Can Help You Generate Twitter Leads

No leads, no business.

The formula is pretty straightforward. What's not so straightforward, though, is how to get those business leads in the new digital era.

Of course, you can't afford not to know how to draw potential customers to your business online, especially on social media. After all, these days, social media is the foundation and pulse of any successful company.

The good news is that you don't have to figure out modern social lead generation all on your own. Artificial intelligence, or AI, can become your newest partner in your plight to secure that next customer time and time again.

Here's a rundown on how new innovative AI technology can give you the boost that your business needs with qualified leads in the months ahead.

Let's get started!

Importance of Building Your Digital Presence

Years ago, shoppers in the early stages of buying relied on salespeople to teach them about their products. However, this isn't the case today.

These days, buyers are generally comfortable with conducting research on their own via online channels, like social media. For this reason, it is critical that your business has built its digital presence.

This is where AI comes in. With innovative AI, you can conveniently find potential customers and then work to convert them from prospects to paying customers.

Generate Business Leads with AI

The right AI technology is capable of rapidly searching millions of social media profiles and posts. Then, it can draw invaluable information from these posts.

However, what makes this capability so noteworthy is that this technology won't just search the content of your company's online fan base. Instead, the AI algorithm can search all other users of the social media platform as well based on these parties' life events or the concerns they express.

For instance, the technology may help you to pinpoint users who mention specific pain points that your business can solve for them. You could also find out what influencers or companies that complement your business are mentioning.

Likewise, you may be able to discover who is replying to or mentioning your competition. Or, you could find out who is using hashtags featuring major conferences or events related to your industry.

With the information that your AI technology extracts for you, you can sort your generated leads by their various life events and concerns. You can also find out what these leads' response rate may be when you reach out to them.

All of this analytics-based information can increase your chances of developing high-quality leads for your company.

Engage with Your Online Audience

As alluded to earlier, reaching out to your new leads is the next step in growing your customer base. Messages that are cleverly created are the tools you'll need to convert these social media users to customers.

What's great about sharing messages on social media today is that the process can be fully automated. There's no reason for you to keep delivering these messages manually.

Twitter is a particularly helpful platform to use for generating leads. In fact, research shows that nearly 90% of business-to-business marketers across North America use Twitter accounts.

So, why exactly is Twitter such a strong channel for creating leads? Because all Twitter tweets and profiles are deemed public data. Therefore, it is relatively easy to identify your company's target audience with the help of innovative AI.

Twitter is an especially great lead-generation platform for companies whose customers are avid tablet and mobile phone users. That's because the vast majority of Twitter users use mobile devices to access this site.

All in all, remember that Twitter is all about relationship building and about being a core part of information's flow. In other words, you have to be engaging and also be engaged. Only then will you excel at generating leads using this social media platform coupled with AI technology.

Process for Sending Messages

As mentioned earlier, first-rate AI technology is capable of understanding and identifying in public Twitter posts if users are expressing concerns or key life moments.

After this, the technology sends automated personalized responses to these public posts. The goal of these responses is to introduce to the users your company's product or service.

Don't be surprised if you see numerous results almost overnight when the innovative AI technology sends personalized messages. After all, these custom messages can engage your audience quickly and provide a great deal of value to them.

Through this method, you could boost your number of Twitter followers by several thousand in a few months. And in no time, you may convert many of them to paying customers.

How We Can Help You to Generate More Business Leads

We can help you to generate business leads with our innovative AI technology called Makezu.

This technology is a proven tool for transforming your presence on social media into a new stream of revenue for your company.

Makezu is designed to help you to convert Twitter users into customers. What's great about using this tool is that it gives you valuable insights and data for driving your market share's growth.

We take pride in the fact that we don't just help our clients to get more leads. Instead, we help them to get the right ones. These leads will result in brand-new sales, rather than just likes and re-Tweets, every month.

How Innovative AI Technology Can Help You Generate Twitter Leads

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