How do you use Twitter for marketing and beat your competing brands?

There is a lot of competition for small businesses.

Distinguishing yourself in the global market is a difficult task nowadays for small businesses.

As it is safe to assume that you will not have an easy way to dominate other companies in the space, discovering ways to get noticed and acquire new clients will be crucial for success. And coming up with brilliant advertising ideas will not be the sole obstacle you will need to clean before sales ring up and revenues abound.

You will want to ask yourself what's competitiveness in a company and where is it possible to obtain an edge?

Many small businesses do not make it beyond the initial year. Primarily due to the fact that companies are unable to advertise and market themselves effectively, and this is a factor especially is a highly contributing one. However, it ranks well under scarcity of funds, inadequate preparation, and an overall absence of expertise.

Another thing to think about is the average money companies spend on paid acquisition channels.

According to Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder of Social Capital,

"We've reached a point today with ad spend in tech that feels metaphorically similar. Startups spend almost 40 cents of every VC dollar on Google, Facebook, and Amazon… Advertising spend in tech has become an arms race: fresh tactics go stale in months, and customer acquisition costs keep rising. Such is the world of user acquisition in tech today: as growth becomes increasingly expensive, somebody must be footing the bill for all of this wasteful spending.  But whom? It's not who you think, and the dynamics we've entered are, in many ways, creating a dangerous, high stakes Ponzi scheme."

Therefore, this statement above questions that is it very beneficial and healthy that this much amount of money is spent where every major social media giant has its advertising networks Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

For sure, any company that would be spending 40% of its money raised through a Venture Capitalist on acquiring users is fundamentally broken?

It's fantastic to make the most out of paid acquisition channels and double down on the best acquisition channels that can scale well but not exploiting various workable channels for your target audience is a bad decision while having a lot of money with you.

Average spend on ads nowadays.

A statistic about average ad spend on Facebook vs google

Companies need to find new ways.

Also, what's interesting is that Google and Facebook hold a significant share in the digital advertising market. Still, nowadays, more networks and methods are coming up that small businesses can capitalize upon since it will help them a lot of money as paid acquisition channels are getting expensive daily and help them create extra opportunities for their target audience and themselves.

For a sustainable expansion of business, it is vital to realize the cost of acquiring a customer and the return on that investment. Lowering Customer Acquisition Cost is a feasible approach to enhance effectiveness. The latter would come from improvising on customer retention.

How Twitter is underutilized by brands

Why Twitter?

Let's talk about some quick facts about the Twitter social network! Twitter has an audience size of 353 million currently with a 29% increase year over year, a user base that has continuously grown and has an upcoming high projected growth in the coming years.

Chart showing change in the number of users from 2019 - 2024

Chart showing daily active usage

Now let's talk some business facts.

27% of B2B content marketers have used Twitter ads in the last 12 months.

Now comparing running ads on Facebook or Twitter, 67% of B2B marketers use Facebook ads, compared to only 27% using Twitter. Therefore, marketing for the B2B audience, there is for sure an untapped market ready for you to explore.

Another interesting fact is that 19% of retail banks have a dedicated Twitter customer service handle. Many airlines, mobile network operators, and many of them utilize it to support Twitter users.

In addition to their main account, So Twitter is being used as an effective channel for social media customer service tool on top of its social media presence, leading to nurturing its customer relationships.

The above statistics show that Twitter is being underutilized in multiple spaces, especially when many companies do have their accounts on Twitter. Still, none of them are using it to convert Twitter users to their customers. According to these facts about Twitter, businesses can honestly figure out a competitive edge, save money, and discover hidden audiences.

So how to do marketing in Twitter ? Makezu comes to the rescue.

Now that we have understandable reasons, Makezu comes into the Twitter social media platform space, allowing you to sell your products, solutions, and services through our campaigns feature or even grow your Twitter through our automations feature.

Since the best way to grow your Twitter account is by being highly active on Twitter, our Twitter automations feature based on AI will help you with that. It only takes 5 mins to set up, improves your engagement rate, and the best saves you a lot of time.

In automation, rely on AI technology to schedule tweets and post the latest articles - on your behalf from Top-Notch sources with smart hashtags

Retweet, like tweets based on your relevant topics, or welcome all your new followers through a pre-configured direct message through your Twitter profile.

Running campaigns will help you discover hidden audiences for your business to sell your products and services on Twitter, helping you target a need, life moment, building a community. Here too, our AI technology identifies when a potential customer expresses a need for a product or service on Twitter. We'll then automatically send a personalized message on behalf of our users. We've introduced hundreds of businesses to potential customers in this way, helping them to increase sales and achieve a higher return on investment.

Finally, it makes sense to add a Twitter marketing strategy to your marketing goals and help you turn your social media account into an effective marketing tool.

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How do you use Twitter for marketing and beat your competing brands?

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