How automating Twitter can absolutely improve your accuracy of growth.

Who does not want to grow?

We all want to grow! In life, career, and anywhere we try to step in, and when you use the power of automation, you can take a small step back without getting out of your comfort zone.

It can help users in social media management, small business, digital marketer, or even businesses with their brand established. Twitter is one of the biggest social networks, and users on Twitter are fighting for competition.

Twitter automation is useful only for automation, but due to artificial intelligence's power, it can now be utilized in a very precise manner and later leads you towards growth on the social media platform. Therefore, the growth would come along in followers, helping you target the right audience , scheduling tweets, or running marketing campaigns on Twitter.

Looking at these factors, we can see how they can improve your growth in a precise manner.

Twitter is a huge social media platform and one of the most extensive social networks.

The users on it have multiple responsibilities. It makes sense to have a Twitter management tool or a Twitter monitoring tool for users, which can help in automation. There are so many people using Twitter, but you need to find your audience, so you need to think about where your audience is.

Do not think about this as social media. Think about it as a fantastic tool that can be utilized to its maximum benefits.

Twitter users are fighting for competition.

In one of our articles, I explained how there is a lot of competition for small businesses since many big brand Twitter accounts are fighting against them, also. We notice that advertisements' acquisition cost has been increasing, and companies need to find different ways to stand out.

First, Twitter is underutilized, and if you want to make it on such a platform, Twitter automation can tremendously help.

Your growth on Twitter

When you plan to grow on Twitter to increase your followers, helping your Twitter account reach more Twitter users or even tweeting faster than your counterparts or trying to market your brand on Twitter. Yes, all these can be done through multiple tools on the internet. With better technologies like machine learning, it can be used to increase your results' accuracy, and now let us take a few instances below.

Twitter auto liker

Using this, we can automatically like different tweets from users through automation, but with better automation, we will be able to like tweets that are according to preferences leading me to customize for our target audiences and not spending time liking tweets that do not correspond to our preferences.

Tweet scheduling

When we need help in scheduling tweets on Twitter at a specific time, this would be useful. How can this become more accurate? The automation tool lets me decide the best time to schedule Twitter posts or even suggest me to retweet it 6 hours later in order to reach the other side of the planet, in order to increase awareness on Twitter.

Twitter thread scheduling

Writing threads on Twitter is a superb way to tell a story or a fan of writing blogs. Using automation to schedule a tweet thread would save us a lot of time. A more accurate automation tool would work as a Twitter thread generator, giving us different topics to write on, helping us write the best twitter threads, receive better engagement on the Twitter platform.

Twitter marketing

Suppose we involve Twitter in our marketing strategy. In that case, the accuracy from automation will help us reach audiences faster and help us manage them efficiently where we are only targeting our manner according to our preferences and therefore more personalized for the customer, thus leading towards better on a competitive platform.

Start Using Automation on Twitter for Business Growth, Take Advantage of Makezu's features to enhance your Growth tactics.

Evergreen Tweet

You might be wondering what is an evergreen tweet, these are the best tweets from your Twitter history, and if you retweet them again, Twitter would understand:
- First of all that this tweet is one of your best tweets

- Second of all, the existing social proof on this tweet.

When you retweet this particular tweet with these two benefits, it will get more likes, retweets without you writing a new tweet all over again. So how would automation help you in this? Here, it can suggest to you which tweets in your Twitter history should retweet to get the highest benefit out.

More accurate automation would help you write evergreen content, which you could auto retweet again and again to have higher impressions of your tweets.

Track Mentions

We can monitor where our business is mentioned on Twitter and then track them through this automation, or we could know where a specific keyword, hashtag. Using accurate automation, we would make automated twitter posts based on particular keywords and hashtags submitted by us.

Another way could be to auto follow back Twitter accounts back or automatic dm new Twitter followers based on tracking these mentions and the automation suggesting which ones to prioritize.

Looking at just a few of these situations, you can improve your growth in a precise manner, and the sky is just the limit to your growth automation.

When you sign up on makezu, you will be able to schedule tweets for free, auto like twitter posts, auto tweet articles from top-notch news sources; this also shows twitter that you are sharing quality content.

These are just some of the automations we have listed. What makes our automations more powerful is the artificial intelligence in them, making them more personalized according to your customizations.

How automating Twitter can absolutely improve your accuracy of growth.

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