8 Best Twitter Management tools to get followers fast in 2021

Yes, you heard it right.

It is possible to build your following with these tools, which are developed to help you.

Even though Twitter is limited to 280 characters per tweet, you can share a lot of value compared to other social networks.

Nowadays, with so many social media pages coming up and more than a billion people on these networks, it is becoming more complex day by day[internal link competition – I talk more about the competition on these platforms].

So, it makes sense to use methods to improve your follower growth since it shows other users' social proof and which will help you build trust on Twitter.

Social media growth on Twitter

Twitter is still a known platform where you can still get organic impression helping you reach more audiences as efficiently as possible.

But it's also essential to keep your engagement rate up; for instance if you are a newbie on Twitter, it is recommended to engage with at least 10 profiles in your domain or niche this is through liking, retweeting, etc. social networks at the end of the day are made for building human relationships, and this is crucial if you have social media pages or just your own personal account.

How is it different from other social media platforms? 

Get ahead of the game with Twitter automation.

Take your Twitter game to the next level! Whether you are a newbie or a big business

For instance, you just started on Twitter. You manage multiple social media allowing you to take a step back and let your platforms take care of them instead of juggling between numerous websites; sounds excellent.
What if I tell you that it can also work as a social media post planner where it suggests to you what to post when to post, and the best time to post.

The 2 features I have written before are just a glimpse of what these tools can offer, and as you start using them

In the next section, I have an extensive list in which when you go deep into the tools, it's an ocean of multiple possibilities.

Let's take a look at them.


With this, you can create customized feeds on your Instagram or Pinterest, or Twitter through multiple accounts.

It's specially made for influencers and brands.

How to use planoly

The way it works is that it has a calendar-like grid system on its platform, allowing you to add your content through drag and drop functions.

Also, the grid system and its analytics provide you help in checking which posts are working well for you, for not some statistics good be the best times, best audiences, best hashtags, etc.

Btw it's also an Instagram and Pinterest partner, so if you use this them twitter, you should be good to go.

Planoly pricing

It starts at Free model where you can schedule 30 for a month but to use with Twitter, and you will have to jump on a paid plan called solo, duo, or a custom plan.

Makezu – The Only All-in-one Growth Automation Platform for any Growth Tactics

Makezu helps you automate your Twitter account to help you grow, which is possible through features such as scheduling threads, creating evergreen tweets that are missing in many tools on the internet.

While you manage your account, you also want to find opportunities to sell on Twitter since it is an undiscovered place ready to be explored.

Use Twitter for Business, Take Advantage of Makezu's features to enhance your Growth and Outreach Strategy.


This is an application with multiple numbers of  features for Twitter users.

It has its significant presence for features for chat, primarily due to the added benefit of moderation capabilities.

Hootsuite offers capabilities that include tracking chats depending on mentions and hashtags.

A Place where Hootsuite might not be suitable for a new user is that it might have too many features for a new user to the platform, and this could make it confusing for the user, but it may be suitable for a professional who can get around it.

Hootsuite cost

It starts with a 30-day trial plan, though when you finish it, you have to get on their professional plan.

Sprout social.

This comes up as a platform good for large businesses and entrepreneurs.

It is designed to decrease the need for so many tools to manage your social presence.

The main features it helps you with are analytical features and report with trending hashtags which can help you in formatting your tweets when comparing sprout social's competitors.

Sprout social pricing.

Starting sprout social plans include a 30-day trial plan, and after finishing that, you need to get on a standard plan.


When we look at this, they try to make it as simple as possible to manage your Twitter account.

It performs well in audience growth through engagement features, analytics, and auto-publishing.

Also, when you get on Buffer to create a campaign for the first time, it will help you make the best out through its analysis features, and it's not found in many buffer alternatives.

When you look at Buffer's pricing, it starts with a free trial, and if you want to upgrade, you need to get on their Buffer publish pro plan.


Loomly's mission is to make social media management a more structured and less complex success for social media managers.

You start by setting a schedule, including a time zone and industry. Loomly offers the option to work with Buffer for scheduling or scheduling posts directly from within the application (although the latter has some limitations).

Loomly pricing

The basic plan is helpful for those with ten or fewer social accounts.

HubSpot marketing hub & HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing Center are where all the great content you plan to create is located.

Whether it's web pages, landing pages, emails, blogs, forms, and calls to action, HubSpot Marketing Center and CRM will help you create, manage and measure the effectiveness of these assets in your campaigns.

HubSpot CRM is the perfect blend of speed and security and is also marketer-friendly to make changes instantly without coding experience.

The Marketing Center helps marketers automate the process of scoring leads, raising leaders, and managing data with a powerful workflow engine.

Suppose you're tired of managing multiple agents and systems. In that case, you'll love one platform perfectly designed for running large-scale inbound marketing campaigns with complete visibility into every step of the funnel.

It is a unique platform to create, managing and measuring our inbound marketing program.

The ability to link revenue directly to specific marketing assets such as first-page revenue is also a good added feature.


It is then an easy-to-use tool to schedule and manage your Instagram posts from any device. You can then control multiple accounts, schedule videos, repost, get Instagram and Twitter analysis.

Comment management plans are one of the easiest to use and most successful on Twitter.

8 Best Twitter Management tools to get followers fast in 2021

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