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Strategic Artificial Intelligence to Auto-Post latest articles, Auto-Retweet, Auto-Follow on Twitter.
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Auto-Posts, Auto-Like & Auto-Retweet

Pick relevant topics. We make your Retweets attractive. We add smart hashtags to improve impressions of your tweets.
Be active at all times.

Auto-Follow Competitors Followers

Leverage your Competitors Followers to grow faster.

Time Saving

Automatically send welcoming direct message to new followers.

Twitter for Business: Who is Makezu for?
Brands, Business Owners, Bloggers, Freelancers or Newsletter Editors...

Business Owners
Aspiring Influencers
Crypto Traders
A Growth Strategy on Twitter Starts with Getting More Followers

Find Loyal Communities

Followers from Competitors
Retweets & Likes from #Keywords
Follow Back
Clean Your Followers

Tweet Valuable Content

RSS blog Links
Auto-Post latest Articles from your Industry
Retweets & Likes from #Keywords
Create & Schedule Threads

Build Lasting Relationships

Welcome New Follwers
Follow Back
Share Content

How to Grow your Twitter Presence?

Keep Your Twitter Account Consistent, on Autopilot, Posting Fresh Content & Retweeting or Quote the best Tweets in your Industry.

Engage your Twitter audience with smart content henceforth while simultaneously keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. Create an Auto-Post automation, add keywords from your industry, choose the language and launch your automation.
You can
quote tweets on autopilot, or simple Retweets with Makezu. Pick keywords that are relevant to your brand, add variations for your comments and let Makezu quote the best tweets for you.
A Twitter account active is more engaging, more likely to be followed.
Share your Content automatically

Auto-Share your latest Blog's posts

Save more time to focus on your added value by creating amazing content.
And, let Makezu promote your blog content. Enter your RSS link, add specific hashtags, that's it!
Never miss an opportunity to promote your brand.
Follow your Competitors' Followers

Start your Awareness Strategy by Following your Competitors' Followers

  • Engage with your competitor’s best Followers for growth.
    Attract more followers to your brand by leveraging your competitors.
Engage with your Competitor audience to grow
Keep your Twitter Account Clean

Unfollow undesirable users

  • Automatically unfollow from unwanted users who don't match your brand the best.
    Use Makezu to stop following those that don't add value to your brand or clutter up your timeline. With Makezu, you keep your follow / unfollow ratio healthy.
    It increases authority and credibility since your account has engaging followers.
Engage with your Competitor audience to grow
Promote your Brand to New Followers

Take Advantage From Auto-Welcome Message to promote your Brand

Engagement is key in growth and reputation,
it is the way you get to conserve your existing followers while gaining new ones.
This is an effortless way to make your followers feel noticed on a personal level, increase your brand awareness, and build a better customer channel.
Never miss an opportunity to promote your brand.

Additional Features to Help you Grow on Twitter

"The data says that the more tweets an account has, the more followers they’re likely to have."

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Automated Welcome direct message to new followers

Connect with accurate new followers with a welcome message!

A welcome message is the first communications company to welcome new users or introduce the company itself.
You can equally engage your new followers in a conversation and communicate directly, with this time-saving automation.  

Engagement is key in growth and reputation; it is the way you get to conserve your existing followers while gaining new ones.
Our highly-customizable system allows you to customize your pre-configured message to be sent through your DM to every new follower.
You may introduce your blog or services along with the link to new followers.

This is an effortless way to make your followers feel noticed on a personal level, increase your brand awareness, and build a better customer support channel.
Reply on Tag

Automated Message to Mention Tags.

Earn more exposure with our system's automatic reply functionality, you can send messages to anyone wherever or whenever your account is mentioned in a tag.
For instance, you may automate a message proposal to continue a conversation through your DM in response to a tagged mention on Twitter.
Choose to be strategic in increasing your brand visibility, brand value, authenticity, and reliability. Take advantage of our Twitter automation combined with AI to strategically improve your client acquisition.
Automated message to mention
Entertain your audience with threads, best way to get new followers

Create and schedule creative threads setup in minutes!

New on Twitter or you need to take your Twitter Marketing strategy to the new step?
The best and easiest way : create threads
A Twitter thread will get better performance than a tweet with a link!
The reason threads come in handy and perform better is because you’re able to easily connect multiple tweets that are part of a sequence.
And yes, a thread keeps all the tweets on the topic together, which makes it easier for your followers to find, and read.
A Twitter thread gets up to 54% more engagements
Use Twitter threads to Gain attention!
Create eye-catching threads and tweets with auto-generated quotes.
Lack of content ideas, Makezu AI has you covered, try the auto-generation content for threads.
Some of our customers get an awesome engagement rate.
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5 min
Average time spend to set automations for a Twitter account.