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We love challenges, hard work and fun!

Save time with Auto-Messaging Proposal from Makezu

Based in Paris, but available throughout the English-speaking world, Makezu makes connecting with your potential customers easy.
Our team of AI-obsessed developers passionately pursues the latest tech to deliver powerful marketing solutions for your business. We are proud to deliver innovative technology that helps your business leverage the power of AI.

Meet the Team
What we Do
Makezu.io helps businesses like yours connect with qualified prospects, automatically!

We use an AI-Prospecting Engine to help you transform your online presence.
Intelligent design and targeted auto-messaging help you connect with your audience without any work.

We simplify your marketing campaigns through advanced technology.

These are all advertising.

Businesses cannot get away from the force of advertising. If they want to make their products known in the marketplace they have to use some form of advertisement.

The innovative solution of Makezu is providing new affordable way to use advertisement.
“Our app is uniquely designed to trigger personalized messages to your audience only when they need to know  your products or services.”
Why use Makezu

We create an Auto-Conversational Tool to Reach New Customers

SMEs take advantage from an effective and proven way to save time auto-messaging your clients.
Not only that, our messages are fully-customized thanks to our smart AI.
You can send any messages you like as frequently as you like, with our focused need expressed AI.
Target the right audience. Send the right messages.
And do it all without any effort on your part, with Makezu.

Meet the Makezuers

Our Amazing Team

We thrill to work for your success

Helene Lucien
Founder, CEO
Anne-Sophie de Gabriac
Founder / GM
Web App Developer
Paris Digital Lab
AI Partner

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