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Ground-Breaking new A.I

Time to Transform Your Social Media Into Revenue Stream


Business Matters

Let’s get right down to it.
The things that truly matter in your business are not engagements and likes, because you can’t cash them in at the bank!

What really matters are the number of new customers and sales you get every month.

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Bet on A.I.

On the front end you get a dynamic, customer-conversion AI engine for Twitter, based on Natural language processing (aka NLP) and machine learning.

On the back end you get complete accountability for the results that matter – data and valuable insights that drive the growth of your market share.

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sales oriented

Sales Oriented

That’s why Makezu is designed as the ultimate way for sales and marketing teams to transform social media presence into a brand new revenue stream for your business.

Imagine if you had $$$ for every like, comment and re-Tweet you’ve ever had – AND you brought in hoards of new customers daily!
That’s what it’s like using Makezu

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Simple & Powerful

What is Your Marketing Goal?

Create a Digital Superstar of a Brand

We Will Help You Build it.

From celebrities to influencers to brands, the key to staying relevant is to reinvent.
By targeting the right prospects on Twitter and engaging them with smart ads, you can renew your brand image and appeal to an audience that matter!

Makezu makes it happen for you.

Need to Make More Sales?

We Will Help You Make It.

Twitter boasts of 321 million active monthly users.Every brand – indie or global – is trying to tap into this massive number. While lots of companies have millions of followers, they do not necessarily make millions of dollars from them.

Makezu plans on providing you with a growth marketing strategy to change all of that.
Target prospect and bet on our conversational AI
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Easy-To-Drive Conversions With MAKEZU AI Prospection Engine 

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